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Mohamed Ali

As a fresh IT graduate, I was desperately looking for a job when I found The website gave me what I was missing the most - connections to employers and hope. I got hope that my skills were definitely of value no matter how bad the job market could be. 

Once I was on calls had started coming in. returned the hope in me that I had lost and helped keep me afloat in what would have been a very hard time in my life. Amazing features like the saved searches really helped me a lot in securing a number of key interviews and meeting fantastic people.

When I created my CV for the first time on I realized the potential I had. By the grace of Allah, I secured a job in a free zone company. Thanks to for helping me not lose hope especially when I needed it the most. Today the first advice I give any job-seeker is to register on Thank you!

Mohamd Ali
Company Name: iLead
Job Role: Technology/IT

Date Posted: 15 February 2013